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West Aussie Education’s Education Agents can advise about the various universities and higher learning institutions in Australia. After discussing what kind of institution you are looking for, our agents will help you sort through your options to find the right institution and course for you.

Let West Aussie Education help you improve yourself and land a job in your dream career!

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West Aussie Education has agreements with many schools across Australia. We work closely with ELICOS/English schools, vocational schools and the tertiary sector.

Commercial Cookery



English Course / IELTS Preparation

Why choose us?

Australia remains a premier destination for tertiary study. With high quality institutions, a robust regulatory system and location in Oceania, Australia is a dream destination for overseas students wanting a superb education.

WAE has qualified education agents that have an excellent knowledge of the Australian tertiary education sector and can provide you with all the information you need about the application process and what studying in Australia is really like.

We have in-depth knowledge of all courses offered in Perth and the surrounding regional areas.

WAE has native English speakers but are also fluent in Japanese and Korean.

What services can we provide?

Easy, Direct, Help for long therm visa !

Easy approach application process

WAE agents will help you to complete the application forms and will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work and stress out of the application process for you.

Direct access to migration agent services

WAE has direct access to migration agent services due to its parent company West Aussie Migration employing a Registered Migration Agent.

Help Improve your chances of gaining long term visas

We can show you options that help improve your chances of gaining long term visas or possibly permanent residence in Australia. The Australian visa system is complex and it is important to choose the right course to ensure you have the best options in the future. We are highly experienced in the Australian education system and in the Australian visa system and so we are confident we can help you.

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